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Friday Five

Things I am doing, an incomplete selection:

  • Making oatmeal with a lot of stuff in it. Tips: toast the pecans before you chop them. Use frozen blueberries when fresh ones are out of season. Frozen banana works too, and is actually great with the toasted pecan. Do not stint on the cinnamon.
  • Working on my works in progress  in longhand, to see if the different feel of pen on paper will make my brain go different places than it does with fingers on keyboard while grimacing at glaring screen.
  • Reading A Different Shade of Blue: how women changed the face of police work, by Adam Eisenberg. Specifically, it’s about the history of women in the Seattle Police Department. Really interesting perspectives on the changing role of female cops and the discrimination they’ve dealt with over the years, sometimes compounded and complicated by prejudice based on their ethnic & cultural backgrounds and/or sexuality.
  • Listening to The Modern Scholar: The Second Oldest Profession, Part 1: A World History of Espionage by Jeffrey Burds. A line I liked, on the complexity of managing/handling spies: “Rare indeed is the field agent who is a mere executor of his master’s will.”
  • Pondering how not to be a clever writer.

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