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April Henry at Powell’s

Tonight I went to see April Henry talk about her latest books at Powell’s. Yes, that’s books, plural — Girl, Stolen; The Night She Disappeared, and Eyes of Justice. I am in awe not just of how quickly she can write, but how frequently she thinks of gripping plot ideas — including the premise for her new series, that I can’t tell you about, but of which I am, full disclosure, totally jealous.

At any point, April is usually dividing her attention between six different books; writing two, editing two, promoting two. She writes both teens and adult books, but says there’s no difference in her approach except that the teen titles are shorter. Someone asked if she worries about keeping up to date with today’s teens. She does do some research, but  “Teens in my books are usually running for their lives, not thinking about their prom dates.”

If April is doing an event in your town, you should totally go. You should also ask a question, because when you do, she will throw you chocolate.


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