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Upcoming. Incoming. Etc.

Things. They are HAPPENING. Three are Portlandcentric, one is not.
  • Remember how I have a story, “Fair Trade,” with art by the fabulous and now Eisner Award-nominated Dylan Meconis in Welcome to Bordertown? Now you can acquire a fetching and affordable paperback edition!
For Portlanders:
  • Remember how I have an essay, “Nineteen Panels About Me and Comics,” in Chicks Dig Comics? The book is OUT NOW! And there will be an EVENT on April 20th at Bridge City Comics featuring several of the contributors. You should come! I will write my name in your copy, and perhaps draw something, although, warning, I cannot actually draw.
  • Excited to be a presenter on April 23rd of this year’s Oregon Book Award in young adult literature. Also conflicted, because I know and like all the finalists! Relieved to be a presenter and not a judge.
  • But I am going to be a judge — and I’m equally excited — for the all-Portland Public Schools Verselandia poetry slam, April 25th at the Mission Theater. Totally intend to defer to the judges who are poets themselves, however. Extra cool: this will be the very first Verselandia. Read about how it came to be.



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