Advancing to retreat, or vice versa

It is almost time for the annual BG Literary client retreat, and I am excited.

It’s a retreat for writers, yes. But it’s not a retreat that is primarily about solitary, quiet writing time — although it is always okay to remove yourself from the group to take that time.

It’s primarily about community. Learning from each other. Getting the chance to, whatever else you need to do and/or be in the rest of your life, just be your writer-self for a while and talk about business and craft with people who get it.

Basically, even with the publishing landscape ever-shifting and anxiety-inducing, retreat makes you feel like this:

(Image is a blue heart shape spray-painted on a concrete wall, with the phrase ‘People Still Care’ spray-painted inside.)

Looking forward to seeing old friends and meeting new ones. I’ll miss those compatriots who aren’t able to make it this year; to y’all I say, next year in — well, probably not Jerusalem, but you never know.

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