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  • Comics Underground was lovely and ridiculous. Thanks to Allison Hallett and Erik Henriksen for inviting me to participate,  thanks to Katie Lane, Dylan Meconis, and Steve Lieber for playing along, and most especially thanks to Sarah Burrini whose fabulous artwork lent itself so well to being projected onto the big screen. La Burrini, wish you could’ve been there!

Comics Underground performance of "Flytrap #4: Performance Anxiety" photo credit: Deborah Curtis Lipski

  • I’m not the most intrepid of cyclists, but there are certain times of year where biking goes from sounding like the worst idea in the world to the best. Now is one of those times. I’m enjoying experiencing the city differently; riding through scents and sounds.

  • I’ve been attempting to implement a standing desk like we’re all allegedly supposed to do because apparently prolonged sitting is the worst thing ever. So far the actual standing is a breeze, but I keep having to fuss with the keyboard + mouse setup so as not to court repetitive stress injuries due to sub-optimal heights/angles. Damned if you do
  • Working on a website redesign, by which I mean that the intrepid Space Ninja is working on it, helped and/or hindered in this task by periodic enthusiastic emails from me: “HERE ARE TEN MORE AUTHOR SITES I LIKE, ALL OF WHICH LOOK TOTALLY DIFFERENT.” Contemplating what should live here vs. on Tumblr. If you have thoughts about things that should absolutely be here, or not, please to let me know!

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