When the truth is told

If you were to judge strictly by this blog, you might assume that I have been on a nonstop writing marathon since my last entry, now that I have a designated room and everything.

This is, alas, not the case.

In fact, almost immediately after establishing my super sweet writing room, I skipped town, first to attend a conference about fifteen degrees off from the usual varieties I attend, and then — now — to go the latest version of the Undisclosed Location, my longstanding pointless code phrase for where I am when I visit family.

Also I have been sick, which made the conferencing more than usually exhausting, though definitely valuable nonetheless.

I’m still not quite at a hundred percent, still a little loopy on cold medicine. So I’m staring, semi-glazedly, at this screen and thinking about closing all my open tabs and opening Scrivener.

In the meantime, as I stare, please enjoy these two images from my mom’s 1961 Ohio University yearbook, “The Athena”:

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