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Spinach soup with some other stuff in it.

There is not a picture because we ate it all. It is a somewhat tweaked version of this soup.

All that spinach I shoved in the freezer because it was about to go bad; approximately 2 6-ounce packages of the prewashed kind
Four cloves of garlic
An onion
Some olive oil
A package of four mild Italian chicken sausages
Two 32 ounce packages of aseptic chicken broth
A handful of barley
Two lemons
Four eggs
Salt, pepper

Puree the spinach & set it aside.
Saute the onion and garlic in the olive oil. When they have softened, add the sausage. We pureed the sausage, too, but you could just slice it up instead. And you could use any kind of sausage including veggie sausage. It would be fine.

Add the broth. You could use vegetable broth or mushroom broth instead of chicken broth. That would also be fine.

Add the spinach. Add the barley. Or not. It would be fine without barley, just sometimes a little barley is nice.

While you wait for the barley to cook, zest one of the lemons and set the zest aside. You will use it, but not right away. Then juice both the lemons. If you are not using barley, maybe just let the soup cook for a while anyway, especially if the sausage you are using is not the precooked kind.

Ok, now the exciting part. Get out a small bowl and crack the eggs into it. Pour the beaten eggs into the soup, stirring to make sure the egg strands don’t clump up. (If there happens to be someone else around helping you, it is nice for one of you to stir while the other pours. If not, stir with one hand and pour with the other. It will be fine.) The egg will cook almost instantly in the hot soup.

Turn off the heat, stir in the lemon juice & zest. Salt & pepper to taste. We ate it from mugs, but you could use bowls. It would be fine.

It will not be nice-looking if you are using frozen spinach like we did, because it will do that thing where it turns grayish-green. But it will be super tasty anyway.

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