Bad Houses: roundup of some reviews so far

As required by law I’m posting on Black Friday about my newest book which you might wish to purchase. Here are a bunch of reviews!

Publishers Weekly starred review: “Ryan’s well-rounded sympathetic characterization and the scrappy energy in McNeil’s art make this a drama with true depth.”

Unshelved book club: “I’ve always thought that I could never live in a small town because I couldn’t stand everyone knowing my business. But I loved how this story unfolded to show that Failin had plenty of secrets.”

USA Today Pop Candy’s Week in Pop: “Ryan deserves props for her examination of why some people can’t let go of their stuff (physical and emotional), and Finder creator McNeil impresses me again with her ability to lure me into a comic within the first few panels.”

Reading Rants: “Each person in this intricate character-driven graphic novel will feel familiar as someone you know or love, and each one will lodge deeply in your heart…A well-told and astutely drawn story of fate and forgiveness.”

Darling Dork: “In my opinion, Bad Houses is one of the best graphic novels I’ve read in the last year, and I say that in spite of my general distaste for comics that aren’t at least a little fantastical. The writing is funny, smart and moving, and the art manages to serve the story well.”

Paste Magazine: “Bad Houses is not only notable among Dark Horse’s large catalog, where it could easily lie buried, but it deserves your attention as an excellent quarter life crisis work of graphic art.”

And because it wouldn’t truly be shameless self-promotion without links to ways to buy the book:

Thanks to everyone who’s been reading & spreading the word about Bad Houses!

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