If Bad Houses is the first thing you’ve read of mine…

Since Bad Houses is the first full-length graphic novel I’ve written, it’s likely to be some comics readers’ first experience of my work. If that describes you and you’d like to know more, a while back I had a great conversation with Sara Zarr on her This Creative Life podcast about everything from my writing routine to what I love about writing comics & collaborating with artists, to recurring themes in my work and whether or not I feel boxed in as an LGBT writer.

I also enthuse at some length about this excellent & creepy piece of art in my writing space:



Some of my other comics: a story in Hellboy: Weird Tales volume one with Steve Lieber, the only comic in the Welcome to Bordertown anthology with Dylan Meconis, a story in Comic Book Tattoo with Jonathan Case, a short-short called “Orienteering” with Erika Moen, and three stories about characters from my first novel Empress of the World, all included in the expanded reissue edition that came out last year.

Beyond that, although it is not itself in comics format, my essay in Chicks Dig Comics is very explicitly about my journey from comics reader to comics creator. Spoiler alert: it involves Elfquest. And Sandman.

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