Half speed

So far this year — I just counted the days, because I am the sort of person who does that — I’ve spent over a month in places that aren’t home.

Seven different states, including both New York and California, as well as a few occasions in my home state but not my home town. In most cases I was doing author events. And that is super cool and I’m very grateful to have the opportunities.

But wow, it has also been exhausting. (I say this fully aware that there are lots of folks who are on the road much more often than I’ve been. My hat is off to them/you all.)

I have a bit of time before the next round of travel (which I’m excited to say includes Kids Read Comics! and a writing workshop at the Ann Arbor District Library!) and I kind of feel like I’m operating at half speed — thinking, moving, and certainly writing less quickly than I’d like. Like the sleep debt and jet lag I’ve accumulated have coagulated to slow me down.

But I always think I’m not writing fast enough. And half speed is still some speed. So, onward.


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