SCBWI Oregon: resources mentioned for writing with cultural awareness/responsiveness

Writing The Other: a practical approach, Nisi Shawl and Cynthia Ward

12 Fundamentals of Writing “The Other” (and the self), Daniel Jose Older

Diversity in YA

We Need Diverse Books

Iceberg Activity– which aspects of culture are visible and which are ‘below the water line’? An interactive online exercise from, a resource for Canadian military families

White Girl, Colleen Mondor

How privilege and diversity affect literature and media, a collection of articles curated by Sarah Hannah Gomez

Guest Post: Joseph Bruchac on You Don’t Look Indian at Cynsations, Joseph Bruchac hosted at Cynthia Leitich Smith’s blog

A Few Disjointed Thoughts on Other Cultures and Diversity in Science Fiction and Fantasy, Aliette de Bodard

Should White People Write About People Of Color?, Malinda Lo

Windows and Mirrors: Reading Diverse Children’s Literature by Dr. Sarah Park Dahlen

Writing Race: A Checklist For Writers, Mitali Perkins

The Danger Of A Single Story, Chimamanda Nzogi Adichie

“The Boundaries of Imagination,” Or, The All-White World Of Children’s Books, 2014, a collection of articles curated by Philip Nel

It’s Not Me, It’s You: Letting Go Of The Status Quoby Zetta Elliott

Looking at rituals from the outside:

No R.S.V.P.? In Rajasthan, India, No Worriesand the satirical response No R.S.V.P.? In South Jersey, USA, No Worries


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