It got to be October.

A lot has happened that I haven’t written about here.

I did a bunch of traveling. Here are a few worn surfaces I saw in Covington, Kentucky.

IMG_5270    IMG_5279IMG_5323

Also a couple of ominous panels from a civic installation.



I joined a critique group. I helped start a learning community. I spent time at a site formerly occupied by a telegraph relay station and (later) a cult.




I’ve been sick, the kind of sick where you begin to suspect your immune system of going on strike so you’ll just, like, stop a minute.

Listening to Hamilton a ludicrous number of times, alternating with several different Mary Renault books; all rereads, via the audio versions. Marveling about how much of the violence and politics in Renault’s work my teen self elided over to get to the next description of a theatrical, musical, or poetry performance, and/or the next emotionally intense scene between Alexander and Hephaistion, or Alexander and Bagoas, as the case may be. (Yes, I’ve been listening to work about two historically significant Alexanders, both of whom had complex love lives.)

Today was the first day in a week or so that I’ve felt more or less like a human. Hoping you’re the same.

Unless you’d prefer to be a nonhuman entity of some variety; in which case, I hope you’re that.







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