Going quiet

I want to write a bit here about taking a break from social media — which I’m doing through November at least. Maybe longer.

What I love about social media: feeling connected to distant friends. Being able to educate myself through listening to voices I wouldn’t otherwise encounter. A sense of being (relatively) well-informed, of being part of a conversation. And of course, adorable animal photos.

What I hate: time slipping away while I scroll. Anxiety mounting. Feeling as though I should do something about everything that’s wrong that people are talking about. Continuing to scroll instead.

It’s been just about a week sans Facebook and Twitter. It feels like my brain is rewiring itself a bit, and also like I’ve gone back in time.

And yes, it does seem to help with writing, which is the other reason for the break.

You can still reach me through the contact form here and email, I haven’t gone entirely offline. But. It’s quieter.

So far I like it.

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