New habits in 2017

Early in the year, which is to say a few staggeringly long and tumultuous weeks ago, I took a photo out a particular window, propping the phone in the frame and keeping the flash off, trying to avoid getting the device’s reflection into the shot.

The next morning I took another.

It hasn’t been every day.

It hasn’t been the same time of day each time.

I haven’t kept the phone in precisely the same position.

But it’s becoming a small habit, these photos that are mostly the roof of the house next door, the tops of trees, snow when there’s snow, clouds when there are clouds.

Consistency and variation.

Another habit I’ve been forming is to note small actions I’m taking in my journal. Calls, emails, letters, events, donations. Time strategizing, commiserating, and simply being with people I care about.

And writing, because yes, that counts.

It helps to remember what I’ve done and am doing on an ongoing basis, in the face of the endless and terrifying deluge of everything else that needs to be done.

It also helps to think about the rest of you, and everything you’re doing, too.


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