Sometimes I post a recipe (ground turkey, butternut squash, sweet potatoes & black beans)

So I’m not feeling well and my default at such times is to make some variety of soup, but somehow even that seemed daunting today.

I remembered that there was a bag of diced butternut squash and another bag of diced sweet potatoes in the freezer. Decided to roast them with some olive oil and salt and smoked paprika at 350 degrees until they looked done. While they were roasting, I defrosted & browned a pound of ground turkey. (It would also work with tofu or tempeh, I bet.) Once it was close to being browned, I added salt and a few spoonfuls of harissa.

Then I dumped the roasted sweet potatoes and squash in with the ground turkey, drained & added a can of black beans, stirred it all together and called it good. It would probably be even better if you roasted fresh vegetables instead of using frozen, and presoaked and cooked the black beans instead of using canned. But that would be more effort and sometimes more effort is not going to happen.

The paprika and harissa are vital, though.


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