Bad Houses

Lives intersect in the most unexpected ways when teenagers Anne and Lewis cross paths at an estate sale in sleepy Failin, Oregon.

Failin was once a thriving logging community. Now the town’s businesses are crumbling, and its citizens are bitter and disaffected. Anne and Lewis refuse to succumb to the fate of the older generation as together they discover the secrets of their hometown and their own families.

Art by Carla Speed McNeil, Published 2013, Dark Horse Comics, B&W, 152 pages


“Ryan’s well-rounded sympathetic characterization and the scrappy energy in McNeil’s art make this a drama with true depth.”

— Publishers Weekly, starred review

“The winning pair create an immersive story about a small town that thrives on estate sales and the connections we develop to our ‘stuff.'”

USA Today Best of 2013 Comics and Graphic Novels

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Sara is interested in how we come to understand who we are, how we find community, and how our environments shape us. They like writing about friendship, love, secrets, and families, both biological and chosen.

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