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Essays, Comics, and Other Writing

With wide-ranging interests and areas of specialty, Sara writes pieces in multiple publications. Below, you can find examples of their work in comics, their contributions to anthologies, and their writing for major and niche publications.

“Finger Puppet,” in Lost Objects, Hat and Beard Press, 2022
Shift,” with Val Wise, 2021
“Openly Bisexual,” a personal essay in The V-Word, Simon Pulse/Beyond Words, 2016
“V.I.P.”, pencils and inks by Christian Duce, colors by Wendy Broome, in Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman, #29–#30, DC Entertainment 2015
“The Importance of Being Malec: Windows, Mirrors, and Cassandra Clare’s Queer Characters” in Shadowhunters and Downworlders: A Mortal Instruments Reader, SmartPop Books, 2012

“Launchpad to Neptune”, with Randy Powell, in Girl Meets Boy, Chronicle Books, 2012
“Nineteen Panels About Me And Comics” in Chicks Dig Comics, Mad Norwegian Press, 2012

cover of Welcome to Bordertown
“Fair Trade,” with Dylan Meconis, in Welcome to Bordertown, Random House, 2011
“Flytrap #4: Performance Anxiety,” with Sarah Burrini, Cold Water Press, 2009
cover of Comic Book Tattoo
“Take to the Sky,” with Jonathan Case, in Comic Book Tattoo, Image Comics, 2008
“Orienteering,” with Erika Moen, 2008
“Escape from Alcatraz: The Dummy Head Breakout,” with Steve Lieber, Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy, 2008
“Click,” with Dylan Meconis, Cold Water Press, 2007
“Einbahnstrasse Waltz,” with Cat Farris, Cold Water Press, 2007
“Flytrap #3: Over the Wall,” with Ron Chan, Cold Water Press, 2007
“Flytrap #2: Deep, Too,” with Ron Chan, Cold Water Press, 2007
“Flytrap #1: Juggling Act,” with Steve Lieber, Cold Water Press, 2005
cover of Hellboy: Weird Tales, Vol. 1
“Family Story,” with Steve Lieber, in Hellboy: Weird Tales, Volume 1, Dark Horse Comics, 2003
cover of Panel Two: More Comic Book Scripts by Top Writers
“Me and Edith Head,” a script, with commentary by Steve Lieber, in Panel Two: More Comic Book Scripts by Top Writers, About Comics, 2003
“Me and Edith Head,” with Steve Lieber, Cold Water Press, 2003

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